David Wonser grew up in the small timber town of Estacada, OR. Having always been into backpacking and playing outside, David first saw the light of backcountry skiing when passed by skiers while descending his first climb of Mt. Hood at age 18. During a year break from attending the University of Oregon, he worked as a lift operator in Telluride, CO. Here, David was able to ski every day for the first time, and a good friend persuaded him to take Avalanche 1 and begin exploring the San Juan backcountry. After college, a desk job was unthinkable, and David, and his future wife Martini, moved to Truckee, CA. Here, he found a love for Tahoe’s snow and terrain, and a lack of information on where to ski. This is how the guidebook idea was born, I hope you enjoy it.

This guidebook, and all the time spent making it, is dedicated to Kevin Wonser and Annalise Kjolhede; two young souls who touched countless lives in their short time on Earth, and taught us the value of every breath. Every day we ski, we ski for you.


  • Martini, Mom and Dad – for supporting me in all my endeavors, love and thanks.
  • Kevin – for teaching me to make the most out of every day.
  • Derek – for making me take that Avy course and instilling in me a stoke for snow.
  • Fred – for being my most consistent ski partner and stoke builder, keep it up!
  • Josh – for making this website a reality, it wouldn’t have happened without you.
  • All my ski partners over the years – for sharing so many memorable experiences, I thank you.

If you have any comments, questions, feedback, corrections, or suggestions, you may contact the author. Happy skiing!

Your guidebook author, hard at work.

Your guidebook author hard at work.