Location Finder

Welcome to the Ski Tahoe Backcountry Location Finder!

This table was created to group all Tahoe’s locations in one place, and to make it easier for you to decide where to ski on any given day of the season. Sort any of the columns by clicking on the column title at the top. Maximum Vertical refers to the longest consistent ski run a location has, not the total elevation gain required to reach a summit. Primary Aspect lists the direction that most of a mountain’s slopes face. Sometimes, places like Castle Peak and Relay Peak, have many different aspects that skiers explore. In this case, I will list the most popular, or most sought after, descent aspect. Keep in mind that the Primary Aspect is not necessarily the longest vertical descent. Using Castle Peak as the example again, Castle’s longest run is the northwest glades, however, the large majority of people ski the southern aspect given its proximity to the trailhead, therefore, South is listed for Castle on this chart. Average Approach is listed in number of miles it takes to reach “skiable terrain”, i.e. a run worthy of doing another lap on. This value is only averaged for places like Blackwood Canyon, where approach distance depends greatly on where in Blackwood Canyon you ski. For a more detailed explanation of these terms, see the Introduction page.

Not only does this table quickly summarize each area’s basic qualities, but it should also help you quickly decide where to ski given the snow conditions, your desired effort level and time commitment. For example, if you would like to get away from other skiers by taking a longer approach, and find a long run that grows corn earlier in the day, look for an area with an East aspect, a longer approach and longer maximum vertical. Conversely, if you want a shorter powder run because you only have a couple hours, look for a North aspect with shorter approach and shorter maximum vertical. Happy skiing!


Location Maximum Vertical
Primary Aspect Average Approach
Benson Hut 2000 West 4.5
Blackwood Canyon 1800 East 3.5
Bradley Hut 1300 East 4.5
Castle Peak 1100 South 1.75
Dick’s & Jack’s Peaks 1900 South 5
Donner Peak 1000 North 0
Echo & Angora Peaks 2000 East 0.75
Freel Peak 2200 South 4
Galena Peaks 700 North 0
Grubb Hut 1100 West 3
Herlan Peak 2000 West 0
Hidden Peak 2500 East 0
Incline Peak 1300 East 0.5
Jake’s Peak 2500 East 0
Janine’s Ridge 2000 East 3
Job’s Peak 4600 North 4
Ludlow Hut 800 North 5.5
Maggie’s Peaks 1900 North 0
Mount Houghton 2000 South 2.5
Mount Ralston 2200 North 0
Mount Rose 3000 South 1.75
Mount Tallac 2600 East 1.5
Negro Canyon 1000 South 0.25
Pyramid Peak 2000 East 2.5
Red Lake Peak 1900 East 0.5
Relay Peak 1200 North 1.5
Rose Knob 1800 South 0
Round Top 2300 North 2
Rubicon Peak 2200 East 0
Signal Peak 1600 South 1.75
Silver Peak 1300 East 3
Slide Mountain 4200 East 0.5
Stanford Rock 1800 North 1.75
Steven’s Peak 1800 East 0.75
Sunrise Bowl 600 East 0
Tamarack Peak 600 East 0.75
Trimmer Peak 2000 North 1
Twin Peaks 1300 East 2
Waterhouse Peak 1800 North 0.25